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What is BestLiker?

BestLiker is a free, web-based application for providing free and 100% real likes to your posts on Facebook, it is commonly known a Facebook Auto Liker. The free autolikes can be on your personal profile, comments that you've posted, or posts on your Facebook Fan Pages if you have any.

This tool stands out so much more than any other free facebook autoliker as it's constantly being updated by a very dedicated individual that is always listening to user requests and anything else. This app has a lot of planned work in the pipeline, including AutoCommenting, Automated Liker that will run through and automatically like any new post on your profile as soon as it's posted, Page Scheduler, AutoFollower and so much more.

So I really hope that you enjoy using this website as much as I've enjoyed developing it.

Steps to correctly receive likes.

Visit here to ensure that followers are enabled.

Ensure that you have set 'who can follow me' to Everybody.

Create a status (which will receive likes), and set it to 'Public'

Once you have confirmed the above, please click here to continue